just Close the sale!

I realised i have a HUGE blank spot on my radar. It’s called “sales” or “marketing” if you will. Its so powerfull, jeeeez , how could i have missed this stuff? I could explain you the differnce between ferro magnetism and paramagnetism, I know who the architect of the Mall was in Washington, why it looks like a copy of Marly-castle in Paris and stuff like that …. but i completely missed out the exitement and efficiency of selling! Just when you think you know it all, only to find out there is a new world to be discovered, sheer joy.

I’ve been reading and youtubing all day just this one toppic, great , great , great. Sales is such an amusing , interesting world with its own twisted logic. It’s ART.


And lets face it, it may be the missing piece of my puzzle , it clickes in and BOOM , now i can get going! Flying i mean.

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