Ruben  Deprez -Theory:

Please let me take you on a walk trough my theory,  taking 3 steps, it has a surprising end and could be of comfort if you miss some loved one, or lost faith.


When tossing a coin, heads or tails , and you bet on tails , you know it will sooner or later fall on tails , you just need the time to try enough times.coin toss simple 3EIJ

When you try to toss 4 coins at the same time, and you all want them to fall on tails toghether, you know it will happen, just try enough times.

Now imagen a truck loaded with coins, tipping over on the highway, what are the chances all coins fall out and all are on tails? A very slim chance indeed. But it will happen, just try enough times.

2.Heartbeat Univers.

We know that the universe started with a “big bang”. Of course BEFORE the big bang greenheartbeatgiphythere was something else… Because the big bang was not the starting point , the universe is in fact constantly expanding, and then coming together again in 1 point, only to explode again  and so on. Like a heart that keeps on pounding forever. The heart beat has no beginning nor an end, going on and on infinite .haertbeat.gif

One heartbeat cycle looks like this:

-all mater is pulled together in 1 point.

-a massive explosion or big bang

-the dustclouds becoming stars, planets,

-matter becomes so dense it forms black holes.

-The black holes pulling eachother closer into 1 point.



What are the chances that in another cycle an atom in the tip of your finger would be in the exact same location in the universe? That would be a very small chance, but given enough time, eventually, it will be at the exact same spot again. Remember the truck with coins on the highway? eventually they will all be tails. Even small chances will happen.

Now whats the chance 2 atoms from the tip of your finger would be at the same time at the exact same spot ? Again, an even smaller chance, but given enough time.. yes it’ll happen.

Now what’s the chance our solar system would be exactly the same again in another cycle? An incredibly small chance, but since time is infinite, it will happen .

So what’s the chance of you being reborn? Seeing your loved ones again, friends, family? It will take an immense amount of cycles and time, but yes,

It will happen again.

happen again giphy



copyright Ruben Deprez, dd 18 may 2019

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